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Gravity Forms to SendGrid

Streamline your WordPress forms with Gravity Forms and Sendgrid for easy email marketing. This user-friendly add-on seamlessly integrates your forms with Sendgrid, your marketing and transactional email platform, without complex automation.

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Gravity Forms to Sendgrid Illustrations

Connect Gravity Forms to SendGrid, the platform for marketing and transactional emails

Integrate WordPress Gravity Forms plugin with SendGrid to send data for transactional and marketing emails.

You can now link Gravity Forms fields with SendGrid attributes using this game-changing add-on. Based on the information entered when validating the form, a contact is generated in the selected list(s) with all the appropriate attributes.

What can you do with Gravity Forms to SendGrid Add-On?

Our SendGrid integration for the Gravity Forms WordPress plugin offers a variety of benefits for both free and paid users. If you use SendGrid as your CRM, you can easily for example, find and manage leads coming from your Facebook campaigns and submitted through your website

It offers options for developers, advanced users or marketers with strong expectations.

And it works easily…

2. MAP

You can connect as many forms to SendGrid as you like

Do you have multiple forms on your website? With the plugin, you can manage multiple feeds at once. Customize the options for each forms on your website

SendGrid attributes can be mapped to Gravity Forms fields

Your SendGrid attributes can be viewed directly on WordPress and associated with form fields. In SendGrid, your contact will be created or updated automatically

Gravity Forms data are sent to one or several SendGrid lists

Choose the SendGrid list(s) to which you want to send the data for each form. For each of your Gravity Forms, you can enable double opt-in.

Automate your workflow and Relax!

Let the magic happen! Everything is under control.

Everything you need to automate your SendGrid workflow

Unlimited feeds

Easy fields mapping

Send data to one or several SendGrid lists

Conditional filters and actions based on your form entries

Contacts created instantly from your form

Incredible features, fair pricing

Custom dev

You need a special plan, integration services or custom development? We are here for you!

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Money back

14 Days Money Back Guarantee

Change plan

Change your plan at anytime

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Need more informations? Check the FAQ

How to install your plugins and add-ons?
You can install our WordPress plugins and add-ons by uploading them to your site. To do this, follow these steps:
  1. Download the plugin file to your computer after purchase it on
  2. Log in to your WordPress dashboard.
  3. On the left-hand side menu, click on “Plugins” and then “Add New”
  4. Click the “Upload Plugin” button at the top of the page.
  5. Click the “Choose File” button and select the plugin file you downloaded in Step 1.
  6. Click the “Install Now” button.
  7. Wait for the plugin to be installed, and then click the “Activate” button.
It’s important to note that our plugins and add-ons require additional steps to be fully configured and integrated into your site. Please follow the installations steps described below on the FAQ and our tutorials.
How to configure your Gravity Forms add-ons ?
To configure our Gravity Forms add-ons, you will need to follow these specific instructions :
  • Install and activate the add-on (follow the instructions on "How to install our plugins")
  • Go to the Gravity Forms settings page (under Forms > Settings > SendGrid/Sendinblue/Airtable/Notion)
  • Enter the information requested by the plugin : license and tool's API key
  • Click Save Settings
  • Create your form and then go to Settings > SendGrid/Sendinblue/Airtable/Notion
  • Follow on-screen instructions for integrating with tools
What is SendGrid?
SendGrid is a software for creating and sending email campaigns. From the cloud-based platform, professionals can easily and quickly send transactional and marketing emails to their prospects and customers. Two types of tools are available: marketing campaigns and the email API. The software includes many features: Email creation, Deliverability, Scheduling, Real-time statistics and Collaboration.
Can I use your Gravity Forms to SendGrid Add-on with a free SendGrid account?
SendGrid offers a free email API plan. It targets small email marketing campaigns. Allowing the creation of an unlimited number of contact and a 100 emails/day, SendGrid Free plan gives access to the platform's API. Creating an account on SendGrid is free. Once logged in to your contact, you can create and get the API key from this page. Depending on your needs, several paid subscriptions allow you to unlock these limitations while accessing more advanced features (see prices).
How to use the Gravity Forms Add-on with SendGrid or Brevo?
To use our Gravity Forms add-ons with SendGrid or Brevo, you will need to follow these specific instructions :
  • Create a form with at least an e-mail field (don't forget the consent field)
  • Go to SendGrid/Brevo section (in SendGrid/Brevo Feeds tab) and click on "Add new" button to create a new feed.
  • Map the fields of your Gravity Forms with your SendGrid/Brevo's contact attributes
  • Choose the SendGrid/Brevo's list(s) where the contacts should be added
  • Activate Double opt-in if needed: select an email template and redirection page
  • Activate conditional logic if needed
  • Click on "Save settings"
I don’t see my Sendinblue/SendGrid list(s)
If you generate a list while creating an unvalidated feed, an error may pop up during the process. Validate your feed anyway before reloading the page. Your list will appear. You can select it again and validate your feed. To avoid the inconvenience, create your list before your feed!

More questions about this product? Check our documentation to discover all the things you can do!

Gravity Forms to SendGrid Documentation