Gravity Forms to Notion integration

Connect Gravity Forms to Notion, the No Code digital workspace

With our Gravity Forms to Notion plugin, add and manage contacts who submit forms on your website directly in Notion! Perfect for companies and people who use Notion a a CRM.

Automate your workflow without any automation tool like Zapier or Make (Ex-Integromat). No coding required : everything works seamlessly in your WordPress Admin panel!

Features of our Gravity Forms Notion plugin

Connect your Gravity forms to multiple Notion databases

Connect your Gravity forms to multiple Notion databases

➜ For each Gravity Form on your website, create several feeds and send data to different Notion databases
➜ Customize your options for each Gravity form and each feed you create

Connect Gravity Forms to your Notion databases directly in WordPress

➜ Create a Notion integration and connect it to any database in your Notion workspace
➜ For each form and each feed you create, choose the Notion database where you want to send data to
Connect Gravity Forms to your Notion database
Gravity forms Notion fields mapping

Map Gravity Forms fields to any database column in Notion

➜ Create all kinds of columns in your Notion database
➜ View your colums in WordPress and map them with your Gravity forms fields
➜ Gravity Forms entries will be sent automatically to your Notion database

Add conditional filters

➜ Create simple – or advanced – conditions based on your Gravity form entries
➜ Send data to your Notion database only if they meet meet the defined conditions
Gravity Forms to Notion filters and conditions
View Gravity forms entries in Notion

Manage Gravity Forms entries directly in your Notion workspace!

➜ View, filter, manage your Gravity form entries directly in Notion
➜ Take advantage to the powerful collaborative features of Notion, and share your form entries with all your team!

Grab this plugin for only $29 (1 site)

One small step for budget, one huge leap for operations.

What users say

This plugin is the easiest to send data from Gravity Forms to a Notion database. A must have for people who use Gravity Forms on their website, and who use Notion as a CRM to manage their leads.

Claire M.
Freelance Web Marketer

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  • One year updates
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$59/ Year
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Gravity Forms to Notion plugin FAQ

Take a look at the answers to your most popular questions about Gravity Forms Notion Add-on.

What is Notion?

Claiming 20 million users worldwide, is an all-in-one digital workplace. It combines various collaborative tools for note-taking, task management, project management (around a kanban board), or even storing and exchanging documents.

How do I connect my Gravity Forms to Notion?

With our Gravity Forms to Notion integration, you will be able to connect you forms to Notion directly in your WordPress admin panel, without using any external tools like Make or Zapier. Simple and easy.

Why do I need a Notion account?

Gravity Forms Notion Add-On uses Notion’s API to send data. Creating an account on Notion is free. Once logged in to your contact, you can create and get the API key from this page (don’t forget to share it with your database).

Do I have to pay to use the add-on and Notion?

Connecting the Gravity Forms add-on to your Notion account will cost you $29 with unlimited support and updates for one year. offers a free plan called Notion Individual. It targets small teams of up to 6 people. Allowing the creation of an unlimited number of pages and blocks, Notion Individual gives access to the platform’s API.

Depending on your needs, several paid subscriptions allow you to unlock these limitations while accessing more advanced features (see prices).

How are my columns and fields synchronized?

You don’t have to do anything. The synchronization is automatic. Make sure you have created your database and your Notion column names before linking them to your form fields.
If you can’t see it, wait 60 seconds. For performance reasons, Notion columns are cached for one minute.

How do I share my integration?

Integrations don’t have access to any pages (or databases) in the workspace at first. A user must share specific pages with an integration to access those pages using the API. This helps keep you and your team’s information in Notion secure.

Start from a new or existing page in your workspace. Insert a new database, and give it a title. Click on the Share button, use the selector to find your integration by its name, and click Invite. Full info here (Step 2)

How can I get support?

If you need some assistance, open a ticket on our Support center at

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