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Gravity Forms to Airtable

Streamline your data flow effortlessly with Gravity Forms to Airtable! This WordPress add-on for Gravity Forms lets you seamlessly sync your contacts directly to your Airtable database, all without the need for complex automation tools.

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Gravity Forms to Airtable

Send Gravity Forms entries to the No Code tool database Airtable

With our Gravity Forms to Airtable add-on, add and manage data submitted on your website forms directly in Airtable! Perfect for companies and people who use Airtable as a CRM or a projet management tool.

Automate your workflow without any automation tool like Zapier or Make. No coding required: everything works seamlessly in your WordPress Admin panel!

What can you do with Gravity Forms to Airtable Add-On?

Our Airtable integration for the Gravity Forms WordPress plugin offers a variety of benefits. If you use Airtable as your CRM, you can easily for example, find and manage leads coming from your Facebook or LinkedIn campaigns and submitted through your website.

It offers options for developers, advanced users or marketers with strong expectations.

And it works easily…

2. MAP

Create and manage multiple Airtable feeds

For each Gravity form on your website, send data to one or many Airtable database(s). Customize your options for each Gravity form and each feed you create.

Send data to the databases and tables of your choice

Choose in which table and which database you want to send data to. Create all kinds of columns in your Airtable database. Map Airtable columns with your forms fields

Add conditional filters

Create simple – or advanced – conditions based on your form entries. Send data to your Airtable database only if they meet the defined conditions

Automate your workflow and Relax!

Let the magic happen! Everything is under control.

Everything you need to automate your Airtable workflow

Unlimited feeds

Easy fields mapping

Advanced Airtable fields Support

Conditional filters and actions based on your form entries

Contacts created instantly from your form

Hear what they have to say

This add-on is a terrific way to seamlessly get our form Gravity Forms info into our workflows in Airtable. We had a couple buggy issues when upgrading to a newer version, but customer service could not have been more helpful and accommodating in figuring out our issues and addressing them. Highly recommend.

Elizabeth Martin

Creative Director of Print and Digital Media AASCU US

5 Stars! The Airtable Pro+ and Gravity Forms to Airtable plugin have been an absolute game changer for us. It’s allowed us to provide our clients with more ways to handle data, and keep track of form submissions. I recommend both of the plugins to every client, current and new. Support has been amazing too. We were able to pinpoint a very difficult issue and resolve it within a reasonable time frame.

Matthew Neal

Full Stack Developer & Project Manager StaffLink AU

I am using the Air WP Sync in unison with Gravity Forms to Airtable to build a full app experience in Wordpress. I am able to collect my user data with GF and then use Air WP Sync to send the data back to the WP site and build out logged in user's dashboard. These plugins are such great tools because you can essentially full blow web apps using Wordpress. This opens up tons of possibilities for WP designers and developers like myself.

Brett Darnell

Web Designer BretD Studio US
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Need more informations? Check the FAQ

How to install your plugins and add-ons?
You can install our WordPress plugins and add-ons by uploading them to your site. To do this, follow these steps:
  1. Download the plugin file to your computer after purchase it on
  2. Log in to your WordPress dashboard.
  3. On the left-hand side menu, click on “Plugins” and then “Add New”
  4. Click the “Upload Plugin” button at the top of the page.
  5. Click the “Choose File” button and select the plugin file you downloaded in Step 1.
  6. Click the “Install Now” button.
  7. Wait for the plugin to be installed, and then click the “Activate” button.
It’s important to note that our plugins and add-ons require additional steps to be fully configured and integrated into your site. Please follow the installations steps described below on the FAQ and our tutorials.
How to configure your Gravity Forms add-ons ?
To configure our Gravity Forms add-ons, you will need to follow these specific instructions :
  • Install and activate the add-on (follow the instructions on "How to install our plugins")
  • Go to the Gravity Forms settings page (under Forms > Settings > SendGrid/Sendinblue/Airtable/Notion)
  • Enter the information requested by the plugin : license and tool's API key
  • Click Save Settings
  • Create your form and then go to Settings > SendGrid/Sendinblue/Airtable/Notion
  • Follow on-screen instructions for integrating with tools
What is Airtable?
Offered in SaaS mode, Airtable is a database tool designed to create a simple online form and a project management environment or even a custom CRM. Equipped with an automatic translation function, Airtable manages multiple views: maps, calendars, Kanban boards, Gantt charts, etc.
How to use the Gravity Forms Add-on with Airtable or Notion ?
To use our Gravity Forms add-ons with Airtable or Notion, you will need to follow these specific instructions :
  • Create a form with at least an e-mail field (don't forget the consent field)
  • Go to Airtable/Notion section (in Airtable/Notion Feeds tab) and click on "Add new" button to create a new feed.
  • Choose the Airtable/Notion's databases in which the data should be added
  • Map the fields of your Gravity Forms with your Airtable/Notion's table. Set the exact name of your table columns
  • Activate conditional logic if needed
  • Click on "Save settings"
Which fields are supported by your Add-ons for Airtable ?
The major fields are supported by our Airtable add-ons: Title, Text, Number, URL, E-mail, Attachment, Phone, Select, Multiple Select and Date

More questions about this product? Check our documentation to discover all the things you can do!

Gravity Forms to Airtable Documentation