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Notion integrations

Level up your organization game with Notion! Say goodbye to scattered tasks and data chaos - bring everything together in one sleek platform. With our user-friendly plugins and add-ons, effortlessly link your WordPress site, forms, and databases directly to your Notion workspace - no coding required.

Notion integrations

WordPress integrations for Notion positions itself as an “all-in-one workspace”, offering coverage of:

    • Notes & Docs (Notion vs. Evernote or Google Docs)

    • Knowledge base (vs. Confluence or GitHub Wiki)

    • Tasks and Projects ( vs. Trello, Asana, Jira)

    • Tables and databases (vs. Google Sheets and Airtable)

It is an application created by a young company in San Francisco in 2016. Notion was named product of the month in March 2018 by ProductHunt. It went from 1 million users in September 2019 to 4 million in April 2020 and then crossed the 20 million user mark in October 2021 (source Forbes).

With WP connect’s WordPress Notion integrations, you can automate your processes, save time, money, and connect and synchronize WordPress with Notion.

Our Notion integrations allow you to automatically send data from popular forms plugins such as Gravity Forms, Contact Form 7 and WPForms to Notion without the need for Zapier,, Pabbly, Make, or

With Notion WP Sync, our WordPress to Notion integration, you can import and synchronize your Notion data and pages to your WordPress back office.

Why use our Notion integrations?

Connecting WordPress to Notion allows you to :

  • Quickly map Notion pages to WordPress pages
  • Transfer data in real time from WordPress plugins forms to Notion databases
  • Use Notion to create pages and posts on WordPress
  • Display Notion data to a WordPress page, post, or any post type using shortcodes

Our Notion integrations

Notion WP Sync - Notion to WordPress

Revolutionize your workflow with Notion WP Sync! Say goodbye to manual data transfers and hello to effortless content management. This WordPress plugin seamlessly integrates Notion with WordPress, allowing you to enhance your website content directly from the comfort of your WordPress admin panel.

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Gravity Forms to Notion

Tired of manual data entry? Say hello to Gravity Forms to Notion! This WordPress add-on for Gravity Forms plugin lets you effortlessly sync your form entries directly into your Notion databases, without the need for complex automation tools.

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WPForms to Notion

Bid farewell to tedious manual data entry and say hello to automated form syncing with WPForms to Notion. This handy WordPress add-on seamlessly integrates WPForms with your Notion database, allowing you to effortlessly sync form entries without coding or complex tools.

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Contact Form 7 to Notion

Supercharge your WordPress forms by integrating Contact Form 7 with Notion - the ultimate add-on for streamlining data management!

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