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Contact Form 7 to Airtable

Supercharge your WordPress forms with Contact Form 7 to Airtable integration - the ultimate time-saving tool for streamlining your data management!

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CF7 to Airtable Illsutration

Contact Form 7 to Airtable Add-On, our free solution to boost your productivity

Integrate your Contact Form 7 forms so that when users submit a form entry, the entries get directly added to Airtable. You can link any field type, including custom fields and add information to your Airtable table. Once the form is validated, the information entered will be added to the columns you have selected.

What can you do with Contact Form 7 to Airtable Add-On?

Our Airtable integration for the Contact Form 7 WordPress plugin offers a variety of benefits for both free and paid users. If you use Airtable as your CRM, you can easily for example, find and manage leads coming from your Facebook campaigns and submitted through your website

It offers options for developers, advanced users or marketers with strong expectations. For free.

And it works easily…

2. MAP

Set up the connection with Airtable

Enter your Airtable Access Token (only once). A new Airtable tab shows up in your form settings.

Map your Contact Form 7 fields with Airtable

For each form, just paste the right Airtable URL. The database and table IDs are instantly detected. All major field types are supported. Enter the corresponding database field for each form field.

Automate your workflow and Relax!

Let the magic happen! Everything is under control.

Everything you need to automate your Airtable workflow

Unlimited forms

Easy fields mapping

Advanced Airtable fields Support

Conditional filters and actions based on your form entries

Contacts created instantly from your form

Incredible features, for free

CF7 to Airtable


  • Airtable Access Token Support
  • User-friendly interface
  • Advanced Fields Support
  • Frequent Updates

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Need more informations? Check the FAQ

What is Airtable?
Offered in SaaS mode, Airtable is a database tool designed to create a simple online form and a project management environment or even a custom CRM. Equipped with an automatic translation function, Airtable manages multiple views: maps, calendars, Kanban boards, Gantt charts, etc.
Which fields are supported by your Add-ons for Airtable ?
The major fields are supported by our Airtable add-ons: Title, Text, Number, URL, E-mail, Attachment, Phone, Select, Multiple Select and Date
How to use the Contact Form 7 Add-on with Airtable?
To use our Contact Form 7 add-on with Airtable, you will need to follow these specific instructions :
  1. Create a form with at least an e-mail field (don’t forget the consent field)
  2. Go to Airtable tab and add the App ID (available here or in the Airtable url)
  3. Add the name/id of your table
  4. Map the fields of your Contact Form 7 form with your Airtable’s columns
  5. Click on “Save settings”
Can I use Air WP Sync and your Add-ons with a free Airtable account?
Yes. Air WP Sync and our add-ons use the Airtable API to link columns with form fields and send data. Creating an account on Airtable is free. Once connected, you can get the API key on this page. Airtable offers a free plan for an unlimited number of databases and small teams of up to 5 people. You can add up to 1,200 entries in each database and 2GB of attachments. Depending on your needs, several paid subscriptions allow you to unlock these limitations while accessing more advanced features (see prices).

More questions about this product? Check our documentation to discover all the things you can do!

Contact Form 7 to Airtable Documentation