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Airtable integrations for WordPress

Organize your data with Airtable, a modern and powerful database designed for anyone who wants to replace tools like Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets. Connecting Airtable with WordPress supercharges your website's content management and data organization. This powerful combination elevates website management to new heights, providing a flexible and efficient way to handle content and data.

Airtable integrations

What can you do with our Airtable integrations?

With WP connect’s WordPress Airtable integrations, you can automate your processes, save time, money, and connect and synchronize WordPress with Airtable. They are designed to help streamline your business workflows and keep your data organized.

Our integrations not only help you to keep your data organized, but also help you to create different workflows that can be tailored to your specific business needs.
If you’re looking for a powerful tool to help you manage your data, try our Airtable integrations for WordPress today. Sign up for a free trial thanks to our 14-Days Money-Back Guarantee and see for yourself how easy it is to improve your team’s productivity.

Airtable integrations for forms and to display content in WordPress

Our Airtable integrations allow you to automatically send data from popular forms plugins such as Gravity Forms, Contact Form 7 and WPForms to Airtable without the need for Zapier,, Pabbly, Make, or

It helps you to easily record and track your sales and contacts in a table, which can be accessed from mobile or computer. You can then set triggers and actions to automatically sort and organize your data, making it easy to search and find the information you need.

With Air WP Sync, our WordPress to Airtable integration, you can import and synchronize your Airtable data to your WordPress Back Office and can easily keep track of all the important information of your Airtable account. This plugin is compatible with all kind of WordPress use cases: apps, blog, sites, making it a versatile tool for different teams in your business. If you want to learn how to display Airtable content on WordPress, see our Air WP Sync tutorial here.

Discover the power of Airtable integrations

Explore the power of Airtable with our integrations to seamlessly connect Airtable to your WordPress platform. Whether you’re just getting started or looking to scale your operations, our solutions are built to enhance productivity and streamline management tasks. Connect apps like Salesforce or Slack (not proposed by WP connect), and discover how custom integrations can drive customer engagement and enterprise growth.

With security at the forefront, we provide a detailed overview of each integration’s pricing and user interface, ensuring you have all the information needed to make informed decisions. Others integrations (not proposed by WP connect) enable cloud-based management platforms that supports a wide range of apps including calendar, email, and social media extensions like Facebook.

Join our community for expert guides and support. Learn how to leverage Airtable’s powerful database management for your WordPress site, creating dynamic content and efficient workflows. From custom solutions for personal projects to enterprise-scale operations, we’ve got you covered. Start optimizing your Airtable integrations today and unlock the full potential of your digital workspace.

Why use our Airtable integrations?

Connecting WordPress to Airtable allows you to :

  • Quickly create interfaces based on Airtable data
  • Transfer data in real time between WordPress plugins forms and Airtable
  • Use Airtable to create pages and posts on WordPress
  • Display Airtable data to a WordPress page, post, or any post type with just a few clicks

Our Airtable integrations

Air WP Sync - Airtable to WordPress

Connect Airtable to WordPress and sync your data seamlessly with our Air WP Sync plugin. Manage all your data in Airtable and use them to create portfolios, directories, blogs and full website experiences in WordPress.

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Gravity Forms to Airtable

Streamline your data flow effortlessly with Gravity Forms to Airtable! This WordPress add-on for Gravity Forms lets you seamlessly sync your contacts directly to your Airtable database, all without the need for complex automation tools.

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WPForms to Airtable

With WPForms to Airtable, you can effortlessly streamline your data flow and sync contacts to your Airtable database directly from WordPress. This WPForms add-on eliminates the need for complex automation tools and tedious coding.

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Contact Form 7 to Airtable

Supercharge your WordPress forms with Contact Form 7 to Airtable integration - the ultimate time-saving tool for streamlining your data management!

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