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Airtable launches a new version of its API

airtable launches a new version of its api

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Last week, in the same time Notion launched its AI, Airtable came with a big announcement : the long awaited new version of its API is finally out. And it will change everything!

You probably know that Airtable is a database tool that allows you to create powerful databases for custom applications. Airtable is used by more than 300,000 businesses in the world and it’s growing fast.

Our team at WP connect is very enthusiastic about Airtable, and so are our users!
Airtable API, however, has been a major slowdown in the development of the tool. Till now.

The Airtable API structure

Airtable has two APIs:

1. Data can be fetched using Airtable’s REST API, which is an open, public API.

2. Airtable’s Metadata API allows developers to get information about the data itself.

This is mostly in the second area that the new version of the API will make a difference.
Among other things : several new API authentication features to provide more security and control for developers.

New Airtable API features: what’s new in a nutshell?

⛓ Metadata API

We will able to list tables, fields and other data up to create and modify the structure of a database from outside.
For WP connect, it’s a huge step forward on a technical and functional level for our users.

? API Access

Integration oAuth, creation and management of multiple tokens with permissions to access the bases via the API in a more secure and personalized way.

? Webhooks

An evolution in the creation and management of webhooks. More flexible, more direct, easier to integrate.

What does it mean for our Airtable plugins?

Well, a lot of things!
Our plugins will make a big technical leap. In user experience too : in terms of functionality and comfort of use.

We are currently reviewing our roadmap for Air WP Sync to implement the evolutions as fast as we can. It requires more work and delay in the launch of the Pro Version (but it allows to start on the right foot at least).

We also will release new versions of ou Airtable integrations for Gravity Forms, WPForms and Contact Form 7.

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