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Notion AI: Notion launches its artificial intelligence writing assistance tool

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In the same week that Airtable API launched its new features, Notion also introduced “Notion AI”, its internal artificial intelligence tool for generating content. Notion, the company behind the popular “all-in-one” app of the same name, has started testing this new feature, which uses artificial intelligence to write notes, blog posts, lists, and other services such as translation and content correction.

Notion AI, an artificial intelligence tool to help Notion users

We signed up early on the waiting list and were lucky enough to be able to use the service last week. The use is very simple and the interface well thought out. First, you have to select the type of content you want to write from a list of options, such as a blog post, email marketing, or to-do list. Then give the service a clear description (a “prompt”) like a creative brief in some way, click the Generate button, and the algorithm creates your text in real time.

Like other artificial intelligence tools of its kind, such as ChatGPT from Open AI, Notion AI requires as much information as possible from the user about what they want to achieve. For example, if you ask Notion AI to write a blog post about the state of a specific industry, the generated content may not be up-to-date. For example, when The Verge asked Notion AI to write a blog post about the state of the smartwatch industry, the generated content mentioned the Apple Watch 4, the Samsung Galaxy Watch, and Tizen. In other words, the artificial intelligence wrote about the market situation in 2018, not today.

Notion AI is in its early stages

At this time, the Notion tool is in its early stages. It will be greatly improved over time and is likely to be available as a paid option in the future.

The CEO of Notion, Ivan Zhao, details his ambitions for the software, which helps to better understand the motivations behind the deployment of a feature like Notion AI: “The software is waking up a little bit, to better understand you, to truly augment you. It’s not just words on a page, where you’re just tracking to-do lists, it’s about bringing your ideas to life” he explains.

“The truth is, sometimes we’re all stuck. In those situations, Notion AI can help you write” Notion says in a one-minute promotional video shared by the company. For now, Notion AI is free, but the company notes that it could be paid in the future.

Notion also explains that it will open the feature to more testers in the coming weeks and months and gave us plenty of ideas for our plugin Notion WP Sync (Notion to WordPress) like automated workflow to create WordPress posts and pages from Notion pages and databases.

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