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How to display Custom Post Type with Notion WP Sync Pro in Elementor

This tutorial does not serve as a comprehensive guide to Elementor.
For a complete walkthrough, please refer to the Elementor Pro documentation.

Enable Custom Post Type in Elementor

First you have to Enable your Custom Post Type.

To start using your custom posts with Elementor, switch on your custom post type in Settings.

How to display multiple posts on a Elementor page

  1. To display multiple posts on a page using the Elementor page editor, add a Posts widget from the Pro section of the menu.
  2. Once added, to make it show your Custom posts expand the Query ==> Source settings and change it to your Custom post type.
elementor cpt

Using Post Types synced from Notion on an Elementor page

Now you can see your custom posts that were synced from Notion.

Then, you have to use Post Template ==> Single and/or Loop)

To use dynamic data or Custom Fields (such as the Metadata synced from Notion) you will need to create a template.

Open Templates ==> Theme Builder
You can use Dynamic Tags to display your data from Notion fields. Click the database icon next to any input.
Choose Post Custom Field
Click Key and then select the data to display.

shop elementor
button elementor

In this example, we are using a Button and showing the price inside Text, and using the URL in the Link