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ACF Repeater Field with Air WP Sync Pro+

The Repeater field simplifies the repetition of content by serving as a container for a variety of subfields, enabling versatile and limitless repetition for elements. Such a field can be time-consuming to fill out manually, especially when dealing with repetitive data.

The Pro+ version of our plugin allows you to easily map this field by importing all your data directly into your repeater!

⚠️ Be aware that nested Repeater fields are not supported at the moment and you need ACF Pro to access to the repeater field.

To do this, follow these simple steps:

You can only use a repeater field with linked records in Airtable, see the documentation here.

Once you’ve created your ACF field group with a repeater inside, go to your Air WP Sync connection.

First, you have to check the “Include “Link to another record” field(s)” to allow detection of your other tables.

⚠️ Including “Link to another record” field(s) may extend synchronization times.

Once you checked that option, your linked record should appear on your mapping.

⚠️ This option is unavailable if the “Allow linking to multiple records” option is unchecked in the “Link to another record” field settings in Airtable.

You can now map your fields together by selecting the “[All records]” fields for the repeater mapping as shown below:

You can now synchronize your connection.

You now have imported your content in your Repeater field!