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WP connect > Gravity Forms to Airtable Documentation > Gravity Forms to Airtable: Map a "Link to another record" field

Gravity Forms to Airtable: Map a “Link to another record” field

What is it ?

Our Gravity Forms to Airtable add-on provides seamless integration between Gravity Forms and Airtable, enabling you to connect and map fields effortlessly and allows you to send form data directly to your Airtable table.

In Airtable, the ‘Link to another record’ feature allows you to establish relationships between record from different table. Utilize linked records in Airtable to establish powerful relationships between your data. Create connections between fields, records, and perform calculations seamlessly. With our plugin, you can easily map and link Gravity Forms fields to this specific field type of Airtable.

To set it up, follow these simple steps:

Form editing

Mapping settings