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How to use ACF fields in Notion WP Sync Pro+?

The Pro+ version of Notion WP Sync enables compatibility with ACF. All ACF fields are supported. Here is a documentation on how to set up some of the more nuanced fields.

ACF Repeater field

See the article here about how to use the ACF Repeater field.

User Field

The ACF User field allows you to select one or multiple users.

There are two ways to fill in an ACF user field:

1. During a Post import

It is possible to import Notion’s users into ACF User fields contained within Post Types.

⚠️ Note that the ACF User field is only compatible with an email address.

The field works by using an email on Notion: either the “email” field or the email from a user field (“Created by,” “User,” etc.).

2. During a user import

It is now also possible to import Notion users into WordPress Users.

⚠️ Note that it is necessary to map the Email address and Username for the import to be completed.

Color Picker

The ACF Color Picker field works by using a text field on Notion, regardless of the selected color format. It is only necessary to adhere to the specified format.

ACF checks the format at the rendering stage, and if no recognized format is found, it defaults to the color black.

Post Object / Relationship

Post object

The ACF Post Object field allows you to select one or more posts, pages, or custom post types.

If you want to use it during your mapping, you first need to indicate the post path in your Notion table (ex : /page).

⚠️ Note that a path is different from a slug!

The slug alone does not allow finding subpages or custom post types with a prefix in the URL (e.g., /my-cpt-prefix/post-slug).


The ACF relationship field allows to create a two column component to select posts, pages or custom post type items,

Similarly to the Post Object field, it works with a post path in Notion :