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WP connect > Notion WP Sync Documentation > How to use ACF fields in Notion WP Sync Pro+? > How to use ACF Repeated Field with Notion WP Sync Pro+?

How to use ACF Repeated Field with Notion WP Sync Pro+?

The Repeater field simplifies the repetition of content by serving as a container for a variety of subfields, enabling versatile and limitless repetition for elements. Such a field can be time-consuming to fill out manually, especially when dealing with repetitive data.

The Pro+ version of our plugin allows you to easily map this field by importing all your data directly into your repeater!

⚠️ Be aware that nested Repeater fields are not supported at the moment.

To do this, follow these simple steps:

You can only use a repeater field with linked records in Notion.

Once you’ve created your ACF field group with a repeater inside, go to your Notion WP Sync connection.

First, you have to check the “Include “Link to another record” field(s)” to allow detection of your other tables.

⚠️ Including “Relation” field(s) may extend synchronization times.

⚠️ Don’t forget to add you Linked Notion Table to the same connection Token

Once you checked that option, your linked record should appear on your mapping :

You can now map your fields together by selecting the “[All records]” fields for the repeater mapping as shown below :

You can now synchronize your connection.

You now have imported your content in your repeater field !